Robotic Testing

K     Start Time : 08:30     End Time : 12:30

Innovative ideas such as continuous deployment, continuous integration and agile has challenged how we think about testing. With them has come an emphasis on using automation and regression testing to facilitate fast feedback from customer to developer. But is this a good idea?

Add to that diversity in domains, new programming languages and advances in hardware, it can be challenging for a tester to keep across rapidly changing technology. It’s time to get back to basics. It’s time to explore the fundamentals of software testing, to explore what makes a good test strategy, good test design and good reporting. When we have those, we become better able to handle the challenges thrown at us.

This tutorial is a science experiment. Using robots were going to explore the concept of software testing. We’re going to design and develop tests to help us discover what the secret X2 button does. We will test and discuss different approaches to finding the x2 button.

We will explore the differences between good and not so good test design and examine where documentation is and is not useful. For each topic, we will discuss in groups our observations and how it relates to software testing.

This tutorial is hands on experimentation with robots as well as group discussion work. It’s going to be fun and noisy and packed with basic testing principles that will be useful for as long as you decide to test.

  • Speaker

  • Anne-Marie Charrett - , Testing Times, Australia

    Anne-Marie is a software tester, trainer and coach with a reputation of excellence and passion for the craft of software testing. An electronic engineer by trade, software testing chose her when she started conformance testing against European standards. She now consults and trains testers specialising in transforming test teams into powerhouses of testing skill.

    Anne-Marie is Irish born and bred. She now lives in Sydney, Australia where she consults and lectures at the University of Technology, Sydney on software testing. She blogs at and offers the occasional tweet at @charrett.