The Silent Assassins – Have You Seen Any?

W21     Start Time : 16:00     End Time : 16:45

Silent assassins work in every IT development project. Software quality issues that cause projects to be delayed can result in them being hundreds of thousands of Euros over budget or the common occurrences of failures seen after a system has gone live. These are software quality issues that nobody focuses on early enough, but which put the success of key IT projects at significant risk. They, in most instances, do not come to light until the end of the development process when testing identifies or crystallises the problem, or even until the system is live.

How many times have we got to testing in a project to see a major increase in Management focus pushing to hit deadlines and to get
the software live, focus that should have been in place so much earlier in the project? In this talk I will reference experience from many projects and review 6 common quality issues that I see very regularly. I will focus on how as a test community we should act differently to find and remove these silent assassins as early as possible. The role that testing play’s in project’s needs to diversify, innovate and lead.

  • Speaker


    Geoff Thompson - Director, Experimentus, UK

    Geoff is the Consultancy Director of Experimentus Ltd, a leading Software Quality Management consultancy based in the UK who provide solutions worldwide that ensure organisations can take full advantage of the benefits of Software Quality Management (SQM) with assessments and certification (Test Maturity Model integration – TMMi), Senior Test Management delivery, Process improvement, Change Management and Measurement (KPI’s etc.).

    He has been involved in tester certification since 1997 initially working with the British Computer Society (BCS) developing the original Software Testing Foundation and Practitioner syllabi and exams. In 2002 Geoff initiated the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualification Board) and is currently the Vice Governance Officer to the ISTQB board. He chairs the UK Testing Board. He has also co-authored the BCS book ‘Software Testing – An ISEB/ISTQB foundation’.

    He is a founder member of the Test Maturity Model integration (TMMi) Foundation and is a member of the TMMi Foundation Management Executive (see

    He is also the Vice Chairman and Treasurer of the BCS SIGiST (Specialist Group in Software Testing).

    In 2008 Geoff was awarded the European Testing Excellence Award.