Stylish Mobile Testing

Th4     Start Time : 09:45     End Time : 10:30

The world is quickly spinning in the “mobile” frenzy, with consumers spending billions on the latest and greatest smart phones and tablets.

These devices have been built with consumer convenience in mind, with a whole host of devices that are aimed to cater for the needs of almost everyone in the world these days – with cheap low end devices aimed at breaking people into the smart phone arena without breaking the bank, to expensive, higher end, state of the art devices for the gadget hungry, who want all of the latest bells n whistles in the palm of their hands.

With such an advance in the mobile device arena, almost every company has jumped (or are about to jump) on the opportunity for the new venture in creating mobile software to meet the ever-growing needs of their customers.

The motion of moving into the mobile device arena was not without its challenges! There are many, many aspects of testing on mobile devices that are nightmarish! In this session, we will discuss these challenges in detail. From the huge market fragmentation that is ever expanding with the billions of different devices out there, which leads to potentially huge differences in device hardware. To:
“Mobile App” versus “Mobile Web”;
Emulators and Simulators;
Thinking about touch screen;
Location and Connectivity;
The effects of battery life;
How device settings can affect your mobile software;
Why you need to take Memory into account;
Automating your mobile app testing; and even
The challenges of mobile security…
These are all extremely important aspects that you need to take into account when creating and testing mobile software! Participants will walk away with the knowledge of these challenges and experiences in overcoming these challenges on a daily basis.

  • Speaker

  • Dan Ashby - , Medidata, UK

    Dan has been a software tester for almost 10 years now, testing a huge variety of software ranging from printer drivers to mobile apps and mobile sites (and everything in between). He is an advocate for context driven testing and utilizes an Exploratory Testing approach along with SBTM.

    Dan has recently started working for Medidata as a Senior Lead Software Quality Analyst, where his duties involve supporting, inspiring and supplying ideas on testing processes, techniques and tools to the IT team in Medidata’s London office.

    Dan likes being involved in the testing community and can be contacted on LinkedIn (, Twitter ( and on his blog site ( You can also listen to Dan’s Podcast series “Testing in the Pub” (

  • Nehir Yelkovan - , Net-A-Porter, UK

    Nehir has been a Software Test Analyst for almost 5 years, testing website software as well as testing mobile native apps and mobile websites.

    She has been currently taking a part of the Mobile team as a Mobile Test Analyst within NET-A-PORTER GROUP where her main responsibilities are looking after many most of hi-tech native apps of the company.

    She regularly attends testing events and conferences as well as enjoys reading testing blogs and articles. She has done a few conference talks about Mobile Testing before.