Taking Back Your Own Reins

T3     Start Time : 15:00     End Time : 15:45

At some point in life we all get a little bit lost, we feel confused and everything is like a big mess. But is it really as bad as we experience it? Is it really so hard to get out of as we imagine? Taking back your own reins is a talk about personal leadership, how to become less distracted and taking back the control. Through this talk, I will share how I recently went from chaos to control.

Taking back your own reins is also about directing your efforts toward your goals. It is about bringing structure to your way of working to allow you to focus on the things that matter. I will talk about techniques, tricks, tools, some fun and creative ways of working in hope to inspire everyone in the audience to make one small change toward better control and a calm environment.
A lot of the things that I will talk about can also be applicable to groups and teams. I will take some time to emphasise this too.

The things I will talk about are:

  • Stop allowing physical things overwhelm you by throwing them out. Sounds easy enough you would think. Go through your closest drawer and throw away everything you have not used the last month.
  • How exercises can help you find your goals. I will share some of the exercises that I have done and what they resulted in. Some were easy and some surprisingly hard. You might laugh now but the hardest one was to breathe 5 minutes/day for 2 weeks.
  • How visualisations help you remember your achievements. We are so good at visualize what we have not accomplished, what we did wrong etc. Now let’s focus on something more fun and boost our energy. Let’s visualise what we HAVE accomplished and draw strength and pride from that.
  • How to direct focus on what matters. The pace of the society today is keeping us at a constant high stress level. It might seem like you do not have time to sort out your priorities. It is the opposite! You do not have time to NOT sort them out.
  • Speaker

  • Anna Hoff - , KnowIT, Sweden

    I got involved with testing by an accident. When I got my masters degree in 2002 the ammount of available jobs were not exactly overwhelming. But I got two offers: tester and store manager. I had never thought about becoming a tester but I knew for sure that I would not have any use of my education working as a store manager (It was not an IT/computer related store), so I took the job as a tester. After a while I discovered that it was not as bad after all :-)

    Performed the supertester at EuroSTAR in 2009 & 2010.

    One of the best things with the testing community is that most testers are very generous and love talking about anything when it comes to testing. Just grab someone at a gathering and you will be filld with new ideas in seconds. Let the ideas settle and try them on yourself.

    “Are you prepared to, during 5 years, do what 95% of the population will never do, to, in 5 years, achieve what 95% will never achieve?” – Charlie Söderberg (Economy expert)

    “The only way to do great work is to love the work you do” – Steve Jobs