Test Strategy – Next Level

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WATCH: Rikard introduces his tutorial


To me, test strategy deals with what to test, and how to do it. I do not mean a test process or separated test levels and techniques, because that tends to give something generic and quite useless as a result (I know, because I did this myself for 10 years…).

It might be your most important artifact, and should be guiding for testers, but also informative (and reviewable) for other interested parties.

In this tutorial I will show examples and theoretical slides, but we will do exercises to explore:

  • your real testing missions – why are you testing, what information do stakeholders need?
  • the project context – how does testing fit with the rest?
  • many information sources – where do you get information about what is important?
  • unique quality characteristics – what does reliability, usability, security et.al. mean this time?
  • tying things together – how will you test for these important things?

With skill, this information will help you develop a useful test strategy, getting much more specific than “we will focus on the new functionality, and create automated regression tests as time permits.” We will also practice how to explain the emerging test strategies so they can be reviewed by many. And with tools to test your test strategy, this might take you to the next level.

  • Speaker

  • Rikard Edgren - Test Expert, LearningWell, Sweden

    Rikard Edgren has been testing since 1998 and sees himself as a context-driven, humanistic and technical tester, enjoying the dynamics between people/machines, objective/subjective, whole/details.

    After a couple of years with Microsoft’s localized products, he spent 11 years with Spotfire, producer of interactive data visualization products. The learnings resulted in the free e-book The Little Black Book on Test Design.

    Since 2011 he has been as a test consultant also doing testing education at companies and higher vocational studies programs, with a slight preference towards exploratory testing and test strategy.

    He is a regular at national and international conferences, with seven appeareances at EuroSTAR (two of those as program committe member.) Member of the think-tank The Test Eye, author of Den Lilla Svarta om Teststrategi (in Swedish), co-author of Software Quality Characteristics, and co-organizer of SWET, Swedish Workshop on Exloratory Testing.
    Currently working as test expert at LearningWell Karlstad, Sweden.