Testing in the World of Startups

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Startups, and many other small companies, set out with a desire to change the world. They face an initial period of idea validation to discover exactly who their users are and what problems need solving. The critical nature of discovering exactly what the problem is limits the amount of testing that could, and should, be done during this period. Bug-free but never-used features are not going to help you find the solution.

Everything changes when the company hits a solid idea; suddenly the focus is on building a quality product which meets the expectations of users.

This session will explore the highs and lows of being a tester within a startup. We’ll discuss the complexities of hiring, and approaches for tackling the endless testing challenges that new products face. You’ll see what it takes to thrive in a startup and will come away with ideas for finding startups that need your help to succeed.

  • Speaker

  • Amy Phillips - , Songkick, UK

    Amy Phillips is Test Lead at Songkick.com, a start-up aiming to disrupt the music industry by enabling crowd-funded concerts as well as providing personalized alerts about live music events. She has spent the last 10 years testing in a variety of development environments for companies including Royal Mail, The Guardian, and Yahoo!

    After experiencing the value that a well-managed Agile team can bring to software delivery Amy became passionate about adapting testing and quality techniques to work within a lean start-up environment. She strives to enable development teams to deliver quality, user-oriented products within the shortest possible time.

    You can find Amy on Twitter (@itjustbroke) or via testingthemind.wordpress.com