Testing Off-Shore Equipment – from High Up in the Sky to Deep Below the Sea

W17     Start Time : 14:45     End Time : 15:30

WATCH: Joep and Mark introduce their session

At Huisman Equipment off-shore is our business, which means installations capable off laying pipe lines in 2,5 kilometers deep water or fully automated drilling towers.

Software Testing in the off-shore business is still in its infancy. Strangely enough, because a defect in the controls of this kind of equipment can cause serious damage and can lead to loss of life.

Starting testing up in a company like this calls for some rather innovative approaches. We will tell you how vision and leadership led to an irreversible shift to a focus on software quality on a global scale. And how a group of people, very diverse in nationality, cultural background and education became successful pioneers in testing in this industry and how and why we grew from 0 to 20+ testers in less than 2 years.

  • Speaker

  • Joep Lobee - , Eclipse IT, Netherlands

    Joep Lobée is an experienced testers who has been working as a test consultant since 1997. He has worked on numerous projects, both in the Netherlands and abroad, in a variety of testing roles in industries ranging from Media and Entertain-ment to banking, Service providers and off-shore industry.

    He is an accomplished speaker who has spoken on several large conferences, for example: he has spoken on the Eurostar conference (2009, 2012 & 2013), The Dutch Testing Conference (2010) and the ESRI GIS conference(2011). He thoroughly en-joys giving presentations and loves the opportunity to interact with other testers and exchange ideas.

  • Mark Burghout - , Huisman Equipment, Netherlands

    Mark Burghout started his career in software testing in 2007 and has since worked in a variety of roles in several industries, ranging from banking and tourism to off-shore equipment. In 2012 Mark started his team of test engineers at a leading offshore equipment company while also being involved in international discussions about software quality in the offshore industry. He enjoys discussing new and creative con-cepts leading to more fun and effectiveness in software testing.