Testing the New Web – Tackling HTML5 with Selenium

T8     Start Time : 16:00     End Time : 16:45

In the struggle for dominance between desktop and the web, the introduction of HTML5 is tipping the scales in favour of the web. Even though the standard is officially still a work in progress all major browsers are already implementing its new features and adoption is widespread. HTML5 introduces a waterfall of new possibilities (audio, video, animations, rich JavaScript libraries, etc that enrich both the life of the developer and the final user.

But new features bring new challenges, and HTML5 especially stretches the known possibilities of test automation frameworks. This presentation aims to present a number of problems – ranging from very mundane to very complex – and proposes (possible) techniques to tackle these problems. The problems are approached from a broad – codeless – test automation perspective, but are demonstrated using Selenium WebDriver within an HTML5 slide deck / playground.

  • Speaker

  • Andreas Faes - , MIPS - Part of the CliniSys Group, Belgium

    In the summer of 2008, Andreas and software testing first met. They have been best friend ever since, and continuously explore each other to fully understand the other. Neither one has succeeded so far, but they keep trying. Andreas is most interested in the technical stuff within testing (test automation in its broadest form), without ever losing sight of his manual testing beliefs. He is a regular speaker at different conferences (eXperience Day, Belgium Testing Days).