Trying to Teach Testing Skills and Judgment

T5     Start Time : 16:00     End Time : 16:45

Since 2011, I have spent 1500 hours of actively teaching software testing to higher vocational students in Sweden. It is educations spanning 1 to 2 years aimed at providing professionals that the industry needs. My colleague Henrik Emilsson and I set out to enable the students to master the activity of testing, letting students capture both explicit knowledge like testing techniques, but also tacit skills and judgments like these:

  • Asking the right questions
  • Understanding what is important
  • Seeing many perspective and test ideas
  • Selecting effective test strategies
  • Capturing serendipity
  • Understanding which bugs are important
  • Realizing when testing is good enough

In this presentation I will share our teaching philosophy and practice, including examples of real-world stories and typical exercises we let the students perform. I will explain why discussions among students are important, and how I as a teacher give feedback to drive the learning in good directions.

Key points:

  • hear how a teacher of testing thinks
  • see examples of challenging testing exercises
  • get a better understanding of skills and judgment in testing
  • Speaker

  • Rikard Edgren - Test Expert, LearningWell, Sweden

    Rikard Edgren has been testing since 1998 and sees himself as a context-driven, humanistic and technical tester, enjoying the dynamics between people/machines, objective/subjective, whole/details.

    After a couple of years with Microsoft’s localized products, he spent 11 years with Spotfire, producer of interactive data visualization products. The learnings resulted in the free e-book The Little Black Book on Test Design.

    Since 2011 he has been as a test consultant also doing testing education at companies and higher vocational studies programs, with a slight preference towards exploratory testing and test strategy.

    He is a regular at national and international conferences, with seven appeareances at EuroSTAR (two of those as program committe member.) Member of the think-tank The Test Eye, author of Den Lilla Svarta om Teststrategi (in Swedish), co-author of Software Quality Characteristics, and co-organizer of SWET, Swedish Workshop on Exloratory Testing.
    Currently working as test expert at LearningWell Karlstad, Sweden.