What Makes Innovation Work?

T7     Start Time : 16:00     End Time : 16:45

It is often said that for businesses, of any kind, it is innovation that drives both growth and success. It is also true that innovation often comes from challenging accepted thinking – ‘impossible thinking’ is a powerful in this respect as shown in one of last years’ keynote sessions at EuroSTAR.

We’re in the testing business. So how can be drive it’s growth and success in terms of what it delivers to projects and the stakeholders who pay for them? Interestingly the other themes of the conference give the first clues – leadership and diversity. Improvements to testing need champions – people who can steer and direct the innovation without constraining it. It also need a diverse set of skills, experience, knowledge and attitudes and a sprinkling of that mythical fairy dust called ‘luck’.

How did you make innovation a success? What key elements of the innovation itself, people, or other factors made the difference and need to be considered when trying to not just get out of the blocks but to win the race?

In this discussion session I want you to join me in brainstorming and sharing what made innovation work in your organisations and along the way perhaps note some reasons why it didn’t. I’ll set the scene with some discussion topics and then it’s open house!

  • Speaker

  • Graham Freeburn - , Sopra, UK

    Graham is a Principal Testing Consultant at Sopra Group responsible for training, strategic consultancy, process support and testing research. Specialised solely in the testing field for over 18 years and is a recognised industry expert as well as a regular speaker at international testing conferences and is a fully paid-up testing enthusiast!

    Areas of expertise include testing infrastructure assessment and improvement, training development and delivery, change management, exploratory testing, risk based strategy, benefits realisation, mentoring and coaching and test automation. Graham has been instrumental in successful testing improvements in numerous companies and co-authored an advanced case study in Software Test Automation.

    He co-founded the Scottish Testing Group is 2002 and has been Chairman of it ever since. None testing expertise – mindmapping and malt whisky!