Why Should I Be Concerned with the Availability Heuristic

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WATCH: Mary Walshe introduces her track session


In our agile world today we are all moving toward being leaner. Striving for lower cycle times, being effective in an efficient manner. This presents us with a few problems.

How can we create a lean consciousness in our teams?
How can we identify the waste that needs to be removed?

In my team we have found an answer to these questions by understanding the availability heuristic. As a consequence we have improved our approach to quality, testing and the way we work as a delivery team.

This will be an interactive session with lots of discussion addressing the three questions above. Participants will take away a visualisation tool to use in your team to help you on the road to becoming lean.

  • Speaker

  • Mary Walshe - , Paddy Power, Ireland

    Mary Walshe helps teams deliver successful solutions to business problems and plays a major role in striving for a kaizen culture in these teams. Mary was the driving force behind the introduction of Acceptance Test Driven Development in her department.

    She has been working in the industry for 4 years and currently she works on a team in Paddy Power as an agile tester. Her team is using Kanban to help them measure their experiments and in order to continually improve. In her spare time Mary runs adventure races, mountain bikes and just recently found a new love for skiing.