Automation in Testing

W12     Start Time : 12:00     End Time : 12:45

Automation is becoming more and more popular. The silver bullet of the testing world. Unfortunately though, automation cannot test, but this is the route most people want to take automation. Or more specifically test automation.

Companies have built extensive frameworks to automate their testing, invested lots of money and time in them, and the only return is automated checking.

In this session I want to share alternative ways I used automation, even reused areas of my automation framework to really assist and support my testing. I want to discuss how other people are using automation outside of checking. Have either built specific tools or reused their framework in a different way then it’s initial intention.

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    Richard Bradshaw - Tester, Friendly Testing Limited, United Kingdom

    Richard is a friendly tester with a real passion for testing. He is very active in the testing community and hosted the very popular meetup in Nottingham called #NottsTest. Richard is also a founding member and co-organiser of the Midlands Exploratory Workshop on Testing (#MEWT).

    Richard is currently working as an Independent Tester after having set up Friendly Testing Limited in 2014. He has been testing for over 8 years now.
    Richard is a big advocate of automation, but not the silver bullet type, the type that really supports testing and testers. He is very technically minded and encourages the use of tools.

    He considers himself a student of testing and is always looking for new ideas and inspiration to improve his testing skills.