Bulk Testing and Visualisation

E     Start Time : 08:30     End Time : 17:30

Learn how (and why) to generate thousands of dull tests, and discover ways that you can illustrate and interpret their outcomes.

Sometimes, we explore a system using vast numbers of tiny tests, identifying potential problems by recognising trends and oddities in the results.

In this workshop, you’ll design bulk tests, and build them using tools you already own. Applying your tests to specially-built software exercises, you’ll map some of your measurements to pictures that reveal overall system behaviours. When you’ve seen trends and picked out the oddities, you’ll return to your collection of bulk tests to redesign and dig into surprises.

You’ll work through the exercises in small groups, with guidance from the workshop leader. He’ll help you find ways to design your tests to span ranges, break boundaries and iterate towards trouble. He’ll show you how to use easy-access tools to visualise your test results and give you techniques to help you analyse your pictures. We’ll talk about which aspects of a system respond well to this approach, and which won’t, and you’ll get familiar with different visualisations, their uses and pitfalls. On the way, you’ll discuss triggering, tools and the abuse and re-use of unit tests.

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  • Speaker


    James Lyndsay - Director, Workroom Productions Ltd., UK

    James has been testing since 1986. He’s worked independently since setting up Workroom Productions in1994, and helps organisations to find surprises, to adapt their approaches, and to keep their testers interested. A regular keynote speaker and teacher at international events, and an active participant in a variety of testing communities, James has written award-winning papers, built the Black Box puzzles, kicked off the TestLab and runs the London Exploratory Workshop in Testing.