Can Testers Lead DevOps Adoption? – Yes We Can!

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DevOps is the next of the disruptive movements in the IT industry after Agile. Some even refer to it as ‘Agile on steroids’. Sujay who was introduced to DevOps at a conference back in 2012, has since then learned its capabilities to address mainstream industry concerns such as enabling high-quality software, faster releases, more changes per release, upfront isolation of risks, reduced operations costs and improved customer satisfaction.

In 2013, one of our client organizations wanted to adopt DevOps in a large-scale transformational program in which Sujay was the test program manager. In the kick-off meeting between the development, testing and operations (ops) teams, no team amidst development and ops wanted to lead; the ops team was more resistive as it would mean frequent changes to production code and the fear of instable production environment. Hence, with the testing team leading this initiative, the thought was to enable DevOps adoption between the development and testing teams. This was planned by testing the code integration continuously early in the lifecycle and creating a continuous feedback loop to the development team, also known as Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Testing (CT) in the DevOps ecosystem. The testing team stood up the CI and CT infrastructures within 3 months. This initial success led the ops team to follow suit and hence, a greater collaboration was established between the development, testing and ops teams with a common goal of delivering superior quality software, in a faster way and in a production environment that was comparatively less messy.

The approach to scale the traditional automation testing infrastructure, test environments, and test data management requires a culture shift using new tools and techniques. In this session, Sujay will discuss a CT strategy where he will share examples of tools, techniques and practical solutions to establish CT infrastructure.

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  • Speaker

  • Sujay Honnamane - Testing Portfolio Director, Cognizant Technology Solutions, US Corporation, United States

    Sujay is an accomplished IT leader and portfolio director at Cognizant. While playing several roles ranging from a developer, project lead, project manager and program director to that of a portfolio director, Sujay has helped Cognizant clients implement successful transformation programs and establish world-class testing centers of excellence (CoEs). Perceived as a thought leader in global delivery and establishing managed test centers, Sujay brings along expertise in the fields of test consulting, test automation and DevOps strategy. An avid reader, blogger and speaker at industry conferences, Sujay has a strong orientation towards leadership, teamwork, change management and innovation.