Communication Skills For Testers

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Communication skills are a fundamental skill most testers are never taught. In fact, in most countries we don’t even teach communication skills to our children in formal education. Yet most of the challenges we face in the work place are due to poor communication.

Have you ever had poorly worded requirements? Have you ever come away from a planning meeting with a different expectation about the plan than others in the same meeting? Have you ever spoken to someone who is not listening? Have you ever seen a test report that leaves you baffled or confused?

I suspect most of us can answer yes to at least one of the above. By improving our communication we can improve our powers of influence and the way that people perceive us. Crucially improved communication skills may help us to improve the quality of the product or service we deliver to our customers.

In this workshop I’ll introduce the basics of communications and how these relate to our work as testers. The workshop will focus around the topic of test reporting. This could be a verbal test report in a meeting or a lengthy report for management.

This tutorial will be an interactive session with lots of group exercises and discussions. We’ll play plenty of games and have lots of opportunities to discuss each topic, ask questions and bounce around ideas about how to improve our communication of test reporting.

During this session you’ll discover, amongst many other things:

  • What communication is
  • Why communication is something the listener does
  • Why Purpose, Audience and Context are so important
  • Why testers often fail to achieve their purpose with test reporting
  • Why almost every problem with the delivery of software is a communication problem

And lots more including feedback models and how to put all of this in to practice when you’re back in the office. The session will be highly interactive with lots of discussion and practical examples.

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    Rob Lambert - Engineering Manager, NewVoiceMedia, England

    Rob Lambert is an Engineering Manager building a forward thinking, creative and awesome development team at NewVoiceMedia.

    He’s a serial blogger writing about all things product development and testing at You can find Rob on twitter at @rob_lambert.

    Rob is helping to define software testing for the modern age by challenging stereotypes and defining new ways of organizing and managing testing.

    Rob is an advocate for many social causes volunteering his time for organisations working in the ICT4D sector.

    Rob’s personal mission is to inspire testers to achieve great things in their careers and to take control of their own learning and self-development. Rob is also the author of Remaining Relevant, a book about remaining relevant and employable in today’s shifting industry.

    Rob is married, has three sons and lives in the historic city of Winchester, UK.