Demystifying Embedded Software

W9     Start Time : 12:00     End Time : 12:45

Embedded software has been part of our lives for a long time, it is in the electric shavers, washing machines and network routers of our houses. The past 10 years saw an explosion in its use, as the common office employee is surrounded by sci-fi devices (smartphones, webcams, laptops, speakers, deskphones…). And from here it only increases, as the internet of things depends on it, the computer continuum relies on it. As the trend rises, more companies and testers will have to understand the basic concepts of this technology.

Let’s conclude: the next big product your company is preparing is going to be or connect with an embedded one.

Perhaps you are a beginner in this realm and you keep wondering: What is different in an embedded system? Is there anything we need to be aware of before we start?
Perhaps you are a seasoned embedded tester, and want to learn more about how to explain the difference, about what challenges other testers in this industry are facing, and possibly get ideas to benchmark or apply back at work.

This session is not only an introduction to embedded software and the testing aspect of such systems, but it expands into interesting distinctions that the tests of embedded has from ‘normal’ software – all derived from real life experience with large-scale firmware and embedded systems.

This presentation will cover:

  • Examples and Definitions
  • The reach of embedded
  • Similarities, Differences
  • Resources, Interfaces, SDLC (and Agile)…
  • Testing Embedded
  • Summary + Q&A session

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  • Speaker


    Shmuel Gershon - Test Lead, Intel, Israel

    Shmuel Gershon has experience in both firmware and software testing; and also in coaching testers and helping friends. Today he works in Jerusalem testing sensor products with his team of Super-Heroes, and his experience includes working for big companies, small companies, and as freelancer — spanning the world from South America to Israel. He is convinced that the most significant factor in our quest for quality is people (not features or technology), and used to be a programmer but discovered that testing is twice the fun. Writes about software testing at and publishes the open-source “Rapid Reporter”, an exploratory testing note taking tool.