Do Over Session

Th10     Start Time : 14:00     End Time : 14:45

The Do-Over Session has been a hit since its introduction and will continue at the 2015 conference – it’s now into its third successive year at the EuroSTAR Conference. The basic idea of the do-over session is that attending delegates vote for a session they attended to be repeated for those who missed out (or vote for a session they heard about and were sorry they missed) – the most popular session is then repeated (subject to speaker availability) before the conference wraps up on Thursday.

Following on from Alexandra Casapu’s repeated session in 2013, Declan O’Riordan’s session on security testing in Dublin proved most popular and was chosen for a re-run on the Thursday of the 2014 conference.

Who will it be this year? Coincidentally, both do-over session presenters ended up on the Programme Committee for the subsequent EuroSTAR Conference – Alexandra Casapu (Committee 2014) and Declan O’Riordan (Committee 2015).

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