How We Fool Ourselves – Cognitive Biases in Testing

Th5     Start Time : 11:00     End Time : 11:45

All people are affected by cognitive biases whether they believe it or not. We make decisions based on our feelings, surroundings, earlier opinions and experiences, instead of data and evidence. We may also misinterpret the data we have and focus on wrong things.

These biases affect straightly how well anyone can do their job, and the only way to try to counter the effects is to know about them.

This talk will cover how things we know from cognitive psychology can help us notice more while testing and how to avoid the common pitfalls. The session will include multiple experiments with the audience to illustrate the effects of various biases.

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  • Speaker

  • Esko Arajärvi - Senior quality engineer, SSH Communications Security, Finland

    Esko Arajärvi is a software tester with background in physics, computer science, and mathematics. In testing he is especially interested in usability and security. Esko is a strong advocate of integrating testing tightly to the development process.

    During his career Esko has worked in various fields, testing such things as wifi-based tracking tools, cancer treatment planning software, and auditing of encrypted data channels.

    In his free time Esko is too lazy to learn all the things he would like to know and instead does acrobatics and plays board games.