Goal Stories – “ Think about the Why!”

W18     Start Time : 14:45     End Time : 15:30

Why do we develop? This is a question that we ask ourselves far too little. We are developing for the user aren’t we? Designing and development often revolves around the user and how he interacts with the system. Even us testers build our tests around this principle. Most of us use some form of User Stories in our projects. And like the name suggests, they seem to focus around a user… But there is a problem there. We seem to lose ourselves in this way of thinking and with that lose the sight of the “Why”.

I want to share my experiences around this problem and putting the Why in the spotlight again, where it belongs. We do this with Goals Stories in which we put the why first and the user second. This of course benefits the entire team but there is one specific addition that is of big use for testers namely the addition of Goal Criteria next to the Acceptance criteria.

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    Bram Bronneberg - , CGI, Netherlands

    Bram Bronneberg is a Managing Consultant in Testing & Quality Management whose speciality is Agile and Risk. He assists his customers with their projects and programs by giving them assessments, workshops, coaching, leadership and management. He is a regular speaker at (inter)national seminars.