To Each His Own – How Needs Dictate the Tools

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From the beginning of my test career, as a wide-eyed trainee, to every assignment I had as a tester I brought with me the notion that an exploratory approach was the only way to go.

Scripted test cases be damned!

Learning as you go, taking new paths, exploring is what you want to do.

Nothing had changed in my mind when I started my assignment as a tester in a development team for a large medical company in the south of Sweden. In fact it was largely for this reason that I landed the assignment. Test management wanted to focus the test-team towards an exploratory approach and they believed I could help them.


What I found surprised me.

Due to the nature of the product and the field it functioned in, the requirements were very strict and extremely regulatory. It was so strict that the nature of the exploratory approach was sadly insufficient.

In this talk I will be describing the specifics of the hurdles we faced and how it provoked me to reconsider the end-all-be-all of how I viewed the exploratory approach. I will move on to how I and the team picked up the pieces and built a new “hybrid” approach. An approach that allowed us to satisfy both our own internal requirements on how we wanted to work and the external regulatory requirements.

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  • Speaker


    Martin Pihl - Test Consultant, Konsultbolag1, Sweden

    Martin is one of those guys you meet and just feel “Man, this is fun talking to this guy, you know?”.

    He comes from the South of Sweden (Malmoe) where he currently lives with his beautiful wife and gorgeous baby boy in a nice little apartment. An apartment with too many cushions on the bed. And sofa.

    Fun Fact: If you forget he is from Malmoe, he will remind you. More than once.

    Martin studied System Engineering at Lunds University after which he started a traineeship in Test. He never looked back.

    In short, a good guy. You’d like him.