Improving Mobile Apps Using Analytics

F1     Start Time : 11:00     End Time : 11:45

Deep_Dive_Icon_smallWe are awash with data about mobile apps, but how do we use it effectively? Some data is available if we know where to look and how to gather it. Other data our apps can provide if we include Mobile Analytics and other similar ways to report information at run time. It’s possible to harness and use analytical data to improve our mobile apps if only we knew how.

This session combines Julian’s research with lessons learned internationally with and for a wide variety of organisations and their apps. Collectively, Mobile Analytics is becoming a recognised and valuable practice, for instance, where QA teams mine the data to improve how they test their mobile apps.

We will cover some of the intersections between software testing and mobile analytics and how they complement each other and positively improve each other symbiotically. You will have the opportunity to learn how to improve practices and apps by applying simple techniques. You will also learn how techniques can be combined to provide more useful and richer feedback.

  • Speaker

  • Julian Harty - , Independent Consultant, UK

    Julian has been working with mobile apps for many years and increasingly with Mobile Analytics to find ways to improve various mobile apps, and how to develop and test mobile apps. He both researches the topics as part of a PhD and apply the ideas in practice both directly and through working with various industry leaders including HP and Appachhi.

    Julian’s work and projects have led him to a unique mix of companies ranging from Google, eBay and Salesforce, to mobile dating apps, software for the blind, and using mobile technology to improve education in India, Africa, and beyond. He’s an author who’s been published on mobile apps since 2006, including several books both alone and with others. He also participates in conferences and workshops globally, including EuroSTAR (since 2001) and collected the Testing Excellence Award in 2011.