Keynote – Biggest Bang for your Buck with Mobile and Wearable Testing

Deep_Dive_Icon_smallAccording to ABI Research, this year over 90 million wearable devices will be shipped around the world. If this category of product hasn’t already affected your life personally or professionally then it will do soon. Given the massive demand for wearables and mobile devices, how to we absorb the possible combinations and permutations in addition to our current testing scope and budget?

Join Julie as she shares experiences of different projects where investment for mobile and wearables ranged from nothing to having a significant budget. She shares key factors for your mobile test strategy, useful techniques as well as when tools can help. Finally Julie describes how to get mobile testing taken seriously with the right level of investment and information to demonstrate it was worthwhile to your company.

  • Speaker

  • Julie Gardiner - , Hitachi Consulting, UK

    Julie has over 20+ years experience in the IT industry including time spent as an developer/DBA, Project/Programme Manager, test analyst, test team leader, test consultant and test manager. She is now Director of Consulting at Hitachi Consulting provided consultancy and training in all aspects of agile and testing, specialising in risk, agile testing, test management and people/transitioning issues. She is also a certified SCRUM master and agile coach.

    An enthusiastic and motivated presenter Julie is a regular speaker at agile/testing events and has won best presentations at STAREast, EuroSTAR, STARWest, ADPEast, STANZ, ANZTB, Innovative Test Management Conferences and Czech Test.