Keynote – The Mobile Application Compatability Challenge

Deep_Dive_Icon_smallTesters involved in testing mobile software are quite familiar with the fragmentation problem around application compatibility. The huge variety of phone hardware and operating system versions creates a massive matrix of possibilities for application compatibility testing. But what about the other side of that problem? For those developing mobile operating systems, the challenge is to create a brand new operating system that will support hundreds of thousands of existing applications – running on a combination of existing hardware, along with brand new phones and tablets. Now imagine your testing approach on something that contains the compatibility challenges of both an application and an operating system – and hear how one team successfully took on this challenge.

Testers know that testing everything is impossible – but what do you do when it seems like testing everything is the only option?

Alan Page shares lessons learned with application compatibility on an interesting new project for Windows Phone. He will provide numerous examples, and share what he’s learned and discovered during his most recent work in the mobile space. These ideas are ready for adoption and adaption by any mobile software team facing challenges with application compatibility.

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    Alan Page - , Microsoft, USA

    Alan Page is a frequent speaker at industry testing and software engineering conferences. He writes about testing on his blog and was the lead author on How We Test Software at Microsoft, and contributed chapters to Beautiful Testing, Experiences of Test Automation; and Alan recently released a collection of essays, The A Word: Under the Covers of Test Automation (available from Leanpub). Alan joined Microsoft as a member of the Windows 95 team, and since then has worked on a variety of Windows releases, early versions of Internet Explorer, and Office Lync and Xbox One. Alan also served for two years as Microsoft’s Director of Test Excellence. Currently, Alan is working on a yet another unannounced (but wicked cool) project for Windows Phone.