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Deep_Dive_Icon_smallTest Automation is uniquely challenging when you need to test a global app in a world where the device market and usage varies from country to country. The highly device-fragmented Android market brings yet another obstacle to overcome. Add the need to release software frequently while your team has a large regression suite, and you can see why test automation becomes the goal. A three-part solution was including: a tool, determining your needs, and attitude can get you from problem to solution.

In this talk, Karen reviews the tool marketplace to help you decide what tool will meet your needs? She explores creating a method to determine automation needs. This method will help you pinpoint what to automate and what to leave to manual testing? Finally, Karen offers a refreshing if not humorous look at how to develop the right attitude to conquer the challenges and build automation.

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  • Karen Johnson Position - , Independent Software Test Consultant, USA

    Karen N. Johnson is an independent software test consultant. Her client work is often centered on helping organizations at an enterprise level. In recent years, she has helped companies transitioning to Agile software development. While focused on software testing and predominantly working with the testers throughout an organization, Karen helps teams and organizations improve quality overall. Her professional activities include speaking at conferences both in the US and internationally.

    Karen is a contributing author to the book, Beautiful Testing by O’Reilly publishers. She is the co-founder of the WREST workshop, the Workshop for Regulated Software Testing. She has published numerous articles; she blogs and tweets about her experiences. Find her on Twitter as @karennjohnson (note the two n’s) and her website:

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