Mobile Testing: One Step Forward or Two Steps Back?

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Predictions for desired testing skills frequently mention mobile but what is so different about mobile app testing? Is it a step forward or a step back for testing? Web development has many advances that take some of the pressure off, with the ability to quickly rollback or hotfix any issues. Options which are not available due to the inflexibility of the App Store.

With real life examples of what can go wrong, I will share with you some of the pitfalls specific to native mobile app testing. I will highlight how mobile test strategy differs to web testing, the differences in testing on iOS and Android, and why it’s so nervewracking to release to the App Store.

Sharing real life mistakes and the steps we took to learn from them including:

  • a third party library that nearly caused our platform to go down
  • a memory bug that everyone at home could reproduce except us
  • a redesign unknowingly breaking Accessibility / Voice Over rendering our app useless for any visually impaired user

I will share how despite its problems, testing mobile can be a very rewarding experience with your users able to tell you what they like, want and think of your product like never before.

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  • Speaker


    Susan van de Ven - Mobile team lead and tester, Marktplaats (eBay Classifieds), Netherlands

    Susan has more than 10 years experience as a software tester with a few years of development thrown in for good measure. She started testing mobile apps in 2011. She is experienced in tested for iOS and android, and was among the first to developed cross platform automated testing for native apps using Calabash.


    Susan is the mobile team lead for the Markplaats Android and IOs apps, currently rated the number 1 Dutch app on both platforms with 3 million monthly users, and a 4.3 star rating. Her latest challenge is to get the rest of the product development teams to think more mobile, helping website developers and testers move into the world of native apps.