Mobile Users Are Different

F2     Start Time : 11:00     End Time : 11:45

Deep_Dive_Icon_smallUnderstanding how to use a product under test is a key skill for software testers. In the past this knowledge has come from reading requirements documentation and working with others in the development team and the wider business responsible for the product design. But is this enough to understand how the product will be used?

Mobile users are different. The emotional attachment people have with their mobile devices is far greater than with websites and desktops. Their expectations are greater, and it’s far easier for them to make their voices heard through application store feedback.

This presentation will explain the typical ways in which mobile users are different and what we, as testers, can do in order to understand them better so that we can test better. We’ll look at how to use persona’s and profiles and see how to use industry data and analytics.

You’ll learn how to work more closely with other roles within the team such as UX and Design in order to test more effectively. And let’s not forget about the users themselves; we’ll also look at how you can engage the users directly and work with them to ensure that mobile applications are as good quality as they can be. You’ll leave with the enthusiasm and knowledge to take your mobile testing to greater heights.

  • Speaker

  • Stephen Janaway - , YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP, United Kingdom

    Stephen is a mobile and e-commerce Test Coach, Strategist and Manager. Over the last 15 years he’s worked for companies such as Nokia. Ericsson, Motorola and currently the Yoox Net-a-Porter Group, as well as advising a number of mobile application companies on testing and delivery strategies. He has written and presented many times about testing, frequently with a focus on mobile devices and mobile applications. Stephen also provides training courses and coaching, focused on both mobile software testing and software testing in general.

    Stephen loves talking to others about software testing, test techniques and the mobile device and application world in general. You can contact him on Twitter (@stephenjanaway) or via his blog (