Performance Engineering of Mobile Apps – Not the Old Wine in New Bottle

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From the dotcom days, through the emergence of service oriented architectures and e-Commerce gaining popularity, end user experience has become one of the paramount corporate objectives.

With Mobile apps becoming part of the core enterprise strategy and Mobile platform on the verge of tipping the PC platform, a comprehensive approach to validating the ‘end user experience’ for Mobile apps is very critical for the success of any business.

Industry has certainly reacted to the need but the approach has been conventional at best. The testing fraternity is responding by force fitting the performance testing approach of the web world to the mobile world. Renowned COTS providers are supplementing their tool suites by adding a mobile protocol feature to their existing web testing capabilities. Cloud based device management solutions have extended integration to these third party testing tools.

Such responses to the testing demands of the mobile world are indeed warranted however not adequate. In addition to explaining the network and consumer usage patterns of the Mobile world, this paper/talk articulates a 360 degree approach to validating Mobile application performance and other non-functional attributes. Also this paper emphasizes that the analysis of the device side performance and augmenting it with network profiling data are vital complements to the conventional server side performance testing.

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    Vijayanand Chelliahdhas - Solutions Architect, HCL Technologies, United States

    Vijayanand (Vijay) Chelliahdhas is a Solutions Architect at HCL America Inc. responsible for solutions and business development in the non-functional testing space which includes Performance Engineering, Mobile Testing, Testing on the Cloud and Operational Acceptance Testing across North America.

    With about 14 years in the IT industry, Vijay has been involved in evaluating performance for a variety of systems including OLTP, middleware, package implementations and Mobile apps across multiple technologies. Vijay has extensive experience in devising non-functional test strategies for multi-year multi-release IT programs, setting up test centers of excellence and providing consulting services in the non-functional testing space for Fortune 500 customers.