Rainmaking for Testers – How to Make a Difference

J     Start Time : 08:30     End Time : 12:30

In the English Collins dictionary, Rainmaking is described as an executive or lawyer with exceptional ability to attract clients, use political connections, increase profits, etc. and in the unsentimental world of business, a rainmaker is someone who makes things work.

So is this relevant to Testing? Absolutely! It is too easy to get stuck in the status quo, to avoid trying something new, because everything works well as it is.

We need to make sure we’re giving the right value for money and ensure any investment we ask our Manager’s to make (conferences, tools etc.) serves them in the right way.

Julie Gardiner focuses on two keys people areas; being a Trusted Advisor and how to adopt rainmaking principles to a Testing role. If you want to make sure you make the most of the manager’s money, then this session is for you!

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  • Speaker


    Julie Gardiner - Director, Hitachi Consulting, UK

    Julie has over 20+ years experience in the IT industry including time spent as an developer/DBA, Project/Programme Manager, test analyst, test team leader, test consultant and test manager. She is now Director of Consulting at Hitachi Consulting provided consultancy and training in all aspects of agile and testing, specialising in risk, agile testing, test management and people/transitioning issues. She is also a certified SCRUM master and agile coach.

    An enthusiastic and motivated presenter Julie is a regular speaker at agile/testing events and has won best presentations at STAREast, EuroSTAR, STARWest, ADPEast, STANZ, ANZTB, Innovative Test Management Conferences and Czech Test.