Management Game

G     Start Time : 08:30     End Time : 12:30

Suppose you wake up in 2025. You turn on the news and hear one of the largest companies in the Netherlands make an important announcement: 50% of their employees will be replaced by well-trained robots within 2 years. Additionally, a rebellion erupted within your organization and old-fashioned leadership is being questioned. In the current market you need to be 100% data-ready and all elements (people, machines, devices) are connected. Additionally, there are 10 fast-starters on the market, taking over your market share rapidly. Delegates are instructed in 2015 to develop a strategy to prevent the imaginary disaster. What steps can be taken now to be ready for 2025? What areas do you need to change (people, organization, structure, themes, culture and technology) and what are the details of the steps? Where should the wheel be completely turned (‘disruptions’) and on what topics need be continued?

In short: delegates learn to develop a strong plan to avoid misery: while they still can!

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  • Speaker


    Richard van Hooijdonk - , Trendwatcher & Futurist, Netherlands

    Renowned speaker Richard van Hooijdonk provides valuable inspiration sessions for companies, organizations, and government entities to inspire the group or to chair the discussions/panels. More than 200,000 people have attended his sessions at home and abroad.