Sharing Lessons Learned: Make EuroSTAR a Success for Your Team

Th11     Start Time : 15:15     End Time : 16:00

After a week of boosting your testing adrenaline, it is time to think about  how to share your lessons learned and make EuroSTAR a success for your team. Please join this special session: the EuroSTAR programme team will share with you tips, trics, do’s and don’ts about just that. They will guide you through the process that starts off with selecting the right ideas, tools and practices for you in line with your and your teams ambitions and possibilities. Some things are easy to implement (“just do it”) others need a plan (try out/pilot, training, …) or even a formal process through approval, licenses te cetera. “A conference is as good as the improvements you make afterwards”.

This special session will help you get the best out of EuroSTAR 2015 and enables you and your team to remain walking the testing talk.

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