Snappy Visualizations for Test Communication

Th1     Start Time : 09:45     End Time : 10:30

Do you struggle to find the best words to explain your testing coverage and status to your stakeholders? Do numbers and metrics make your stakeholders’ eyes glaze over, or worse yet, do you feel dirty giving metrics that you know are going to be abused? Words and numbers are powerful, but good visualizations can amplify their power and communicate to stakeholders who are visually-oriented or have little time.

This talk will present a number of simple, effective visualizations that you can create easily and inexpensively even if you have few artistic skills. The appropriate context for each one’s use and some pitfalls of each will be addressed. You’ll learn visualizations for testing status, product quality, test planning and management, risk, and some ideas of to combine them into compound visualizations. The tools will be markers, sticky notes, graph paper, notebooks, pencils and walls — no special software needed (although I will mention how software can help).

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  • Speaker


    Thomas Vaniotis - Product Manager, Liquidnet, United States

    Thomas Vaniotis has over ten years of experience as a tester, developer, and product analyst. At NYC-based institutional brokerage Liquidnet, he is the product manager for internal and external customer tools that manage multiple complex trading applications. He is interested in data-driven business analysis, customer experience design, exploratory testing, and the theory of software creation. His undergraduate background in music and philosophy give him a unique perspective on the world of finance and technology, and he recently completed a MS in Management from the Simon Business School. He has previously spoken at CAST, STARCanada, and STPCon and tweets @tvaniotis.