Survival Techniques for Testers: Beyond the T-Shape

L     Start Time : 08:30     End Time : 12:30

Recent changes changed the expectations on testers. In this workshop the attendees will, under the guidance of Derk-Jan and Jan Jaap, define different profiles testers can adapt to meet the expectations on testers in the future.

The workshop will start with a short introductions on the changes in the ICT- and test-world testers are facing today. These changes are: the increased use of automation in ICT-projects, the increased outsourcing of high tech and high educated work, the increased need for business agility, the increased need for testing non-functional aspects (security, usability, stability) and the increased importance of skills. We will introduce the concept of the π-shaped tester, a further development of the T-shaped tester (see for instance the work of Rob Lambert, Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory). The π-shaped tester had global knowledge on different fields (development, project management, agile etc), has deep knowledge of testing and has deep knowledge on something else like security, test automation, requirements etc.

After the introduction (15 minutes or so) the attendees will determine different π-shaped profiles. With the use of prioritization techniques the attendees will determine which profiles are most relevant. In small groups we will explore the main characteritics of these profiles, including knowledge, education, essential skills, personality characteristics. Each of the groups will give a 5 minutes presentation sharing their results and motivating the choices they made.

Join this workshop to learn what tomorrows demands are for testers. Become aware of the career choices you can make, and what is required to develop yourself in the direction you desire. But you’ll hear from others how they plan for the future. This workshop is a wisdom of the crowd session, the attendees will determine the outcome and it will therefore be highly interactive.

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  • Speaker


    Derk-Jan de Grood - Test manager, Agile Coach, Practise Manager, Valori, The Netherlands

    Derk-Jan de Grood was chosen as the 2014 European Testing Excellence Award winner. He works for Valori as senior test manager, product manager and Agile coach. His drive is to improve the visibility of testing in both agile and traditional organizations. By sharing his knowledge and experience by means of training, presentations, workshops and publications he aims to enthuse and propose new solutions. Derk-Jan is a regular speaker at national and international conferences, wrote several successful books on software testing and regularly publishes articles for the major testing magazines. The latest book he co-wrote was on trends and future skills in software testing. An overview this and his other publications, books, trainings and presentations can be found on his blog:


    Jan Jaap Cannegieter - , Sysqa, Netherlands

    Jan Jaap is a well-known consultant, author, (keynote) speaker and requirements and test specialist form the Netherlands. He has 20 years of experience in ICT and did assignment s in testing, quality assurance, TMMi, CMMI, SPI, Agile  and requirements. In testing he was a tester, test manager, test consultant and workshop leader. At this moment Jan Jaap is test/QA-manager and delivery manager at DinamiQs and vice president of SYSQA B.V., a company of 180 employees specialized in requirements, software testing, quality assurance and IT-governance. Within SYSQA Jan Jaap coaches other testers and test managers, is the thought leader and responsible for product development. He is the driving force behind Situational Testing and he wrote several articles and books in the Netherlands.