Let’s talk about the ISO 29119 Standards

W16     Start Time : 13:45     End Time : 14:30

Since the release of the ISO 29119 standards, there has been quite a lot of discussion going on about them; some hate them, others can live with them and some even like them. But if we follow the theme of this year’s EuroSTAR of “walk the talk”, we need to talk. Even though this session is in a “discussion track”, we want to invite you to a talk about the standards.

The session will be run by Stuart Reid, the convener of the ISO 29119 working group, and Anne Mette Hass who was the editor for Part 3. They have travelled the long road together from the initiation of the standards to where they are today.

The session will start with a short presentation of how the standards were produced, how they can be used in different settings and what new testing standards are being developed.

The rest of the session is up to you. We hope for a fruitful talk that will enlighten both us and you on how the standards have already been used and can be used. Tell us about your difficulties with them and the successes you may have had, and let’s share our experiences with respect for each other’s viewpoints.

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  • Speaker

  • Stuart Reid - , Independent Consultant, UK

    Stuart Reid is a software testing consultant with over 30 years’ experience in the IT industry, working in development, testing and education. Application areas range from safety-critical to financial and media. Stuart supports the worldwide testing community in a number of roles. He is convener of the ISO Software Testing Working Group, which is developing the new ISO 29119 Software Testing standards, chairs the BCS specialist Group in Software Testing, and founded the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) to promote software testing qualifications globally.

  • Anne Mette Hass - , NNIT, Denmark

    Anne Mette is a Principle Consultant (NNIT, Denmark). With a M.Sc.C.E. degree, Anne Mette Hass has worked in IT since 1980. She started as a programmer; but gradually got more and more interested in testing. While working on two assignments in quality assurance for the European Space Agency in the early 1990s, she really discovered her passion for processes, testing, and compliance, and since then she has used and enhanced her experience working as a test, quality assurance, and process consultant.