Test Design Made Easy (and Fun!)

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For some reason, many testers don’t really like making test cases. And when it comes down to test design, it’s even worse: although there are some 70 different test design techniques and approaches to design test cases, most of the certified TMap or ISTQB testers hardly use any of the techniques they learned.

For over 10 years Rik has been a trainer for test design. And in this time he learned that most testers come to the conclusion that test design is time consuming and boring. So they rather do “error guessing”, of which the inventor (Glenford Myers, 1979) already said it was “largely intuitive and ad hoc”, meaning the confidence people feel after testing a system is mainly based on gut feeling.

In this workshop Rik will make you see the beauty of test design by making it easy and fun. Therefore this workshop is all about actively testing software and learning while doing so.

The first step in making testing more easy is to determine the type of challenge you are facing and based on that select a proper approach. Early test design alone is not enough to really gain confidence, it always must be complemented with experience based testing. So in this workshop you will do both coverage based testing and exploratory testing and you will experience that proper testing has the following components:

  • Examine the type of challenge you are facing
  • Select the proper approach consisting of a mix of coverage based testing and experience based testing
  • Prepare both coverage based testing (by making test cases) and experience based testing (by making charters)
  • Execute your tests
  • Report the results (in a debriefing, supported by some sort of document)

Join Rik in this (inter)active workshop and be inspired to make better use of test design as a means to establish confidence in the system under test and to really enjoy the testing profession.

We’ll be actively testing, so bring your laptop or tablet along.

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    Rik Marselis - Management consultant quality & testing, Sogeti, Netherlands

    Rik Marselis is one of Sogeti’s most senior Management Consultants, with 35 years of experience in software development, quality and testing.

    Rik regularly contributes to the testing field through research and development. He is a fellow in SogetiLabs (Sogeti’s research network) and has contributed to a variety of articles and books on quality and testing. His most recent publications include ‘TMap HD’, ‘The PointZERO vision’, ‘Quality Supervision’, ‘Integrate Test Activities in Agile Projects’ and ‘TPI NEXT’.

    An experienced presenter at conferences throughout Europe, Rik’s presentations are always appreciated for their liveliness, his ability to keep the talks serious but light, and his use of practical examples with humorous comparisons.