How My Test Strategy Made a Difference

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What does it take to be successful in testing? After being a trainer for almost ten years, hopefully making hundreds of testers better in their job, and as a consultant, working at various organization I decided to become a test lead, become part of the organization myself, become part of a project, and to use my knowledge and experience to develop and implement a test strategy. The purpose is to make a difference, improve the testing in my organization. Be fully involved. I’m not a manager who can force changes top-down. My expertise, experience in testing, reputation and teaching skills are the instruments to convince managers, staff, project leads and teams. Understanding strengths and weaknesses is difficult. Improving your testing is even harder.

This experience talk will guide the audience through the steps I’ve taken to develop and implement a test strategy in a development organization. Based on my practical work, showing actual improvement achievements, the audience will get hands-on practices and ideas to help them in their own organization to make a difference. Stories on tips and guidelines for practical implementation will be given, using examples from my journey. Topics addressed in this presentation are: implementing a test strategy and test levels, implementing risk based testing and applying test design techniques, test automation, test documentation and reporting.

A test strategy is a great carrier to develop and communicate improvements, because it addresses the test goals, levels and responsibilities. But the main message is to realize improvements by talking with people, discussing with peers, regularly present and report to management and bring the changes into practice inside the development projects. Lessons learned from this process can help others to become successful improvers as well. Hopefully this presentation will inspire others to take immediate action as well, in your own work, by making small – but many – improvement steps.

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    Jurian van de Laar - Test Lead, Philips Healthcare, The Netherlands

    Jurian van de Laar is Test Lead at Philips Healthcare in The Netherlands. Until July 2014, as a senior consultant, trainer and coach, he had gathered experience in testing over ten years, consulted many companies and trained hundreds of students. He worked for organizations like InTraffic, Philips (Healthcare, Research and Lighting), Triodos Bank, EuroTransplant, SeaChange and DHL. Jurian has been teacher of courses in agile testing, requirements engineering, ISTQB, IREB and CAT. Last year he decided to switch from consulting and training to developing and implementing a test strategy for the development of X-Ray systems, getting fully involved in the organization.