The 2015 Survival Guide: Lessons for Testing in the Wild

W11     Start Time : 12:00     End Time : 12:45

When we are in dangerous situations, we need a well-thought-out survival guide to help save ourselves and others. These lifesaving principles and skills provide the basic necessities for life and help us think straight, navigate safely, signal for help, and avoid unpleasant consequences of interactions with our environment.

Julie shares her 2015 Survival Guide for testers and test managers living in today’s challenging business and technical environments.

Topics in her guide include: Turn your job from a daily grind into a passion―life’s too short not to have fun; Demonstrate every day the value of testing―if you aren’t adding value or if others don’t know what you’re accomplishing, you may be toast; Choose your battles―if you try to fight every battle, you will certainly lose often, and become frustrated and angry; and most importantly, Maintain your integrity at all costs―otherwise, you won’t be taken seriously, and you’ll lose the respect of others.

Join Julie in this thought-provoking session and take back the important principles, tools, and skills you need to survive―and even flourish―as a test professional.

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    Julie Gardiner - Director, Hitachi Consulting, UK

    Julie has over 20+ years experience in the IT industry including time spent as an developer/DBA, Project/Programme Manager, test analyst, test team leader, test consultant and test manager. She is now Director of Consulting at Hitachi Consulting provided consultancy and training in all aspects of agile and testing, specialising in risk, agile testing, test management and people/transitioning issues. She is also a certified SCRUM master and agile coach.

    An enthusiastic and motivated presenter Julie is a regular speaker at agile/testing events and has won best presentations at STAREast, EuroSTAR, STARWest, ADPEast, STANZ, ANZTB, Innovative Test Management Conferences and Czech Test.