Take your App Testing from Mobile to Wearable

F4     Start Time : 12:00     End Time : 12:45

Deep_Dive_Icon_smallWearable apps are a different category of software and require a unique test approach. Originally they offered basic functionality, but now you can tap your smartwatch to approve a payment.

How is testing a wearable different to testing a mobile app? Marc will help you understand the risks. What does a defect look like? How do you identify a typical user scenario? What kind of test data do you need? How do you access log files? How can I make a print screen? Can I mirror a wearable app on my laptop, and how do I perform a usability test?

In this presentation, Marc will show you how to setup a realistic test environment. What your wearable test cases can look like, which mobile perspectives can be useful for wearable’s, what are typical risks of wearable apps, and how to analyze defects.

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    Marc van't Veer - , Polteq, Netherlands

    Marc is a mobile app test consultant and trainer at Polteq and works more than 8 years in different test roles. He has a lot of experience in testing in a technically oriented context, such as telecom, SOA, test automation and testing API’s. Marc is now part of a scrum team that develops the next generation of native apps for the Dutch and international parcel market. He holds a MSc. of the university of Eindhoven in the Netherlands and is ISTQB advanced certified (TA). Marc has written and presented many times about different aspects of mobile app testing.