Testing Responsive Websites on Mobile Devices

F8     Start Time : 14:45     End Time : 15:30

Deep_Dive_Icon_smallThe rapid growth of mobile devices around the world the last few years has made testing websites a real challenge. Trying to automate that is an even a bigger challenge. What if we could describe the look and feel of the website in simple phrases and use that in your tests? What if we could run all of those tests in a cloud of different mobile devices?

In this talk, Ivan will show you how to automate layout testing of responsive websites and include it in your development life cycle. He will take a look at Galen Framework and show how it could be used together with SauceLabs or Appium for testing on real mobile browsers. He will also explain how to structure a test in such away that it could be executed on different types of devices (mobile, tablet, desktop).

You will learn how to deal with complex layout, execute tests in SauceLabs Selenium Grid, configure custom mobile device cloud and improve test feedback.

  • Speaker

  • Ivan Shubin - , eBay/Marktplaats, Netherlands

    Ivan Shubin is a Software Engineer in Test at eBay/Marktplaats. He has eight years of experience and has mostly worked on test automation for enterprise projects. At the moment, he is working on build pipeline at Marktplaats. As part of that he has to ensure all pipeline components are stable. Those are Selenium tests, Jmeter & Gatling performance tests, layout and smoke tests, etc. Also, he is a creator of Galen Framework. It is a layout and functional testing framework that was developed for testing look and feel of responsive websites. He is contributing to this project in his free time, and this tool is also currently used in build pipeline at Marktplaats.