Dealing With Testing Debt in an Agile World

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Companies adopt agile practises in different ways and even more so in the way they incorporate testing in that adoption. The authors of this paper have studied a number of companies using agile practises (such as Google, Spotify, Facebook, Microsoft, Ericsson, Unity, and Panda Strike) in order to better understand the range of testing practices they employ and their advantages and disadvantages. This analysis has then been deployed to help other companies to improve their approach to testing as they also adopt an agile approach.
This paper will report on the main findings of the analysis and the main learnings from working with companies adopting agile and their choices in testing strategy. In particular, the paper will give practical advice on how to both avoid building up testing debt in agile environments and how to deal with technical debt once it has built up.

  • Speaker

  • Mike Bartley - CEO, Test and Verification Solutions, United Kingdom

    Mike Bartley has been involved in software testing and hardware verification for over 25 years. He started his career in testing of military software and safety-related aerospace applications using formal mathematical methods before moving into testing of commercial software.

    Since 1994 Mike has also been involved in the verification of complex hardware and software products going into sectors such as mobile phones, HDTVs, smart cards, avionics and automotive. In 2008 Mike established TVS (Test and Verification Solutions: to offer specialist services and products in hardware verification and software testing. TVS has now grown to a global company of 170 engineers.

    Mike gained a PhD in Mathematical Logic from Bristol University. He has since obtained an MSc in Software Engineering and an MBA through the Open University, and is currently studying for an MSc in Computer Security.