Do Less Testing!

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“Quality at Speed” is Atlassian’s approach to QA, and we are constantly evolving what that means and how it translates to actual dev team processes. Over several years of working in software development, we saw that one of the biggest mistakes QA teams can make is doing testing for developers. It turns out that when developers have accountability for testing, they have a greater sense of ownership of the entire development process, and can actually produce better code and higher quality software, more efficiently.

The ultimate goal is to make development teams the most efficient and effective they can be. So, our Quality Engineering team helps them to spend more time writing code, and less time on testing, enabling them to ship better features, faster. Often, this means removing testing stages, not adding them. The speaker will describe how Atlassian teams have embraced this mindset, the process underpinning it, and the results we’ve achieved. He will answer questions including:

* How to release high-quality code without an explicit testing phase
* How to clearly define what quality means for a development team
* How to ship faster while doing less testing
* What a QA team does if not testing

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  • Speaker

  • Mark Hrynczak - Cloud QE Manager , Atlassian, Australia

    Mark is the Cloud Quality Engineering Manager at Atlassian. He was the first person hired as a QA Engineer, and has helped to define and implement the processes to help dev teams produce quality at speed. A good team can always be better, and his ongoing aim is to drive the evolution of the quality assistance model, and help teams to continuously improve towards excellence.

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