Exploratory Robotesting

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Do you use a smartphone today? Yes. Did you use a smartphone 10 years ago? No.
Do you use a robot today? Probably not. Will you use a robot in 10 years from now? Yes!
Does that perspective bother you? What are the risks? What are the possibilities?



What by today’s definition is a robot? It’s a machine that gathers information about its environment by input of sensors and based on this input changes its behavior. Combined with machine learning and machine intelligence the robot’s reactions over time get more and more adequate. The use of Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics and Cloud technology make a robot versatile.
A Robot can come in many different shapes and forms. It’s not just the metallic man. It may just as well be an autonomous vacuum cleaner, a self-driving car a chatbot or a personal digital assistant.

Testing Robots will become important for many testers. And with this I mean both Testing OF Robots and Testing WITH Robots. For both angles it will be important to use a structured approach. But with complex machines, complex environments and the aspect of machine learning, it will not always be possible to predict test outcomes up front. So the important approach of exploratory testing will become even more important to determine whether the system under test behaves properly. Both in the sense of doing what it’s supposed to do, as in how it interacts with its environment in a business process.

Of course I will bring my own robot (R0B3 – “ar – null – bee – three”) for you to do some hands-on testing, both to test a robot and to use a robot in testing.

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    • Rik_Marselis


      Rik Marselis - Management consultant quality & testing , Sogeti, Netherlands

      Rik Marselis is one of Sogeti’s most senior Management Consultants in quality and testing, with over 35 years of experience in IT. He is an exploratory testing coach to many testers in various organizations.

      Rik regularly contributes to the testing field through research and development. He is a fellow in SogetiLabs (Sogeti’s research network) and has contributed to a variety of articles and books on quality and testing. Since a year Rik focuses on Robotics, Machine Learning, Machine Intelligence and IoT. His publications include ‘TMap HD’, ‘The PointZERO vision’, ‘Quality Supervision’, ‘Integrate Test Activities in Agile Projects’ and ‘TPI NEXT’ and an article called “an intelligent elevator”.

      An experienced presenter at conferences throughout Europe, Rik’s presentations are always appreciated for their liveliness, his ability to keep the talks serious but light, and his use of practical examples with humorous comparisons.

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