Fearless Development

W10     Start Time : 12:00     End Time : 12:00

What does it take to give a team that fuzzy but great feeling of confidence before any release? The feeling that gives you the trust to refactor, innovate and fixing stuff at speed, but without breaking your product for yourself and anyone else.

No more blame games. No more angry email threads. Just this great feeling confidence and security 🙂

Do you want that feeling? How do you get there?

Fearless Development is a talk about the above.

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    • Speaker

    • Kristian_Karl


      Kristian Karl - Test Manager , Spotify, Sweden

      Kristian started 1994 in the testing business, and has during that time been given the chance to work in Telecom, Finance, Government and in Startups.

      Kristian have done White Box Testing, Functional Testing, System and Integration Testing, Acceptance Testing and Performance Testing, but, his heart beats a bit stronger when working with any tool that facilitates his testing.

      Founder of graphwalker.org. Test manager at Spotify since 2010. Working in test automation since 1994, performance testing since 1998, Model-based testing since 2004 and testing in the Agile dev cycle since 2008.



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