Now I Know Source Control Too!

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“Yes, I fixed this bug… but it’s not checked it in yet.”

“Phew, that’s a bad build. We need to compile from my branch.”
“Good catch! That bug is a result of lack of attention during my merge.”
“Found the root cause in our optimization code, so the issue’s been happening since version 7.22.”

These are conversations that happen all the time around testers, coming from fellow testers, from programmers or from managers – and if one doesn’t know what a Source Control System is or how it works, these conversations go straight over one’s head.
In this tutorial, we solve this problem! Well, not really solve completely, but at least we go through enough experience with a Source Control to understand what the main concepts are, how the operations look like and how they are performed.

Attendees will see a Source Control system being installed, set up and used (we’ll use “Fossil SCM” which simple, small and quick, for Windows and Linux).
Attendees will be able to connect to this system and perform basic Source Control operations on it: Get current repository, add files, check-in, diff, merge, branch… no coding knowledge is required as we will use plain files of text!
We’ll start by introducing Source Control systems, installing Fossil and then distributing the Fossil executables. With each command practice, in addition to the explanations about the commands, I’ll add extra nuggets of information (like what are common Source Control systems, centralized vs distributed…).

* NOTE: A few laptops in the room are needed for this workshop. Please have your laptops fully charged and if possible bring your power supply. The best is to have one computer for every five participants.

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    • Shmuel_Gershon


      Shmuel Gershon - Test Lead , Intel, Israel

      Shmuel is a Technical Lead at Intel Corporation in Israel, where he tests embedded software with his team of Super-Heroes. His experience includes working in different companies and as freelancer in different countries and areas. He used to be a programmer, but discovered that testing is twice the fun.
      A frequent presenter at software conferences, Shmuel is convinced that the most significant factor in our quest for quality is people, not features or technology. He writes about software testing at and is author of “Rapid Reporter”, an open source exploratory testing note-taking tool.

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