The Magic of the Mobile Numbers

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“Just grab a phone and start testing.” This is a daily activity for many testers around the world. They use a Samsung Galaxy something and a random iPhone and try to find as many defects as possible in the given time. This is like a random shot in the air and hoping to hit something. To be successful, a tester needs to know which devices are used, when, by whom, how often, and where is it used? It is crucial to have knowledge of the end user, what his or her profile is and what are the characteristics of the group or groups? Being able to use and apply usage data can feel like magic. For the first time, you can focus your rifle scope.

To go from random to a representative and maintained set of devices is not a problem owned by testers, but a responsibility of the team and organization. What happens to your set of devices if your target group changes, becomes smaller, contains new languages, resides in in different time zones, or gets big in new countries like Japan? How can a team or organization become mature and implement this essential data analysis skill to be used as a risk analysis and defining a test strategy?

The presentation is a report of a two-year-old startup company in the Netherlands, that is now active in more than 25 countries. The CEO provided a pitch at a conference in San Francisco where a Japanese journalist wrote a beautiful article and the next day, Sony, Sharp and Kyocera devices were instantly popular in the download data. In the early adopter countries the user numbers are still very small and not seen in the popularity lists yet, but it’s very important for a company to support those to enable growth of their popularity.

A successful test organization should know how, how often and how fast a device analysis is needed. Marc van ‘t Veer shows what a device data analysis is, and how to perform and use it in the dynamic playing field of a tester. This way it’s clear which devices are needed for testing.

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    • Marc_van_tVeer


      Marc van 't Veer - Mobile app test specialist , Polteq, Netherlands

      Marc is a mobile app test consultant and trainer at Polteq and works more than 9 years in different test roles. He has a lot of experience in testing in a technically oriented context, such as telecom, SOA, test automation and testing API’s. Marc was part of a scrum team that develops the next generation of native apps for the Dutch and international parcel market. Now Marc gives companies advice about improving the mobile app testing based on the TI4 Mobile approach. He holds a MSc. of the university of Eindhoven in the Netherlands and is ISTQB advanced certified (TA). Marc has written and presented many times about different aspects of mobile app testing.

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