The Mindset of Testing in Scrum

Tutorial J     Start Time : 09:00     End Time : 13:00

This session will run through exercises and experimentation explore the mindset necessary for testing in a Scrum/Agile setting.
In many transformations into agile the testers are basically told to do business as usual. As a result the testers often find themselves frustrated and halfway abandoned in the process of developing software.

Focusing on the mindset alone is not enough – of course there may be other skills that the individual tester needs to learn to fully shine in the scrum setting. But what shouldn’t be missed is a suitable adaption of the mindset to not just test to catch bugs, but also test to learn about the product, possibilities and to be able to support the development team as well as seeing the responsibility of the entire team to deliver good quality and useful, valuable software.

We will attempt also to deal with some myths about testing in scrum, like for instance:
– you need to automate 100% everything and all (not true)
– you should only test the last two days of the sprint (reckless)
– you need to create big test plan documents still (nope, you don’t)
– testcases must be written before the test (actually, this was never true in any setting)
And other myths for scrum in general:
– you can use only the good parts or a light version (face palm)
– there are no testers in scrum, only developers (true, but there’s an overseen twist: we still have the testing skill and tasks)
– only the product owner can put things into the product backlog (not true)

The tutorial will start with a general introduction to scrum as a method, then deal with implications for testers. Then we run a simulation, confronting participants with all the scrum events and in the end compare the different strategies the participants tried out. Finally we will sum up the learnings and relate to the participants own experiences and work situations.

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    • Speaker

    • Carsten_Feilberg


      Carsten Feilberg - CEO, Consultant , House of Test Aps, Denmark, Denmark

      Carsten Feilberg has been in IT for more than 20 years, most of which has focused on test and test management. His experience ranges from small projects to large-scale programs. He is a well-known blogger and presenter at conferences, a trained and certified scrum master, strongly advocating common-sense in programming and testing and applying the context-driven principles. He lives and works in Denmark as CEO and consultant at House of Test.

    • Co-Speaker

      Cindy Carless - House of Test Aps Denmark

      Cindy Carless has studied NLP with the long-term goal of becoming a life coach. She is devoted to coaching and uses her coaching skills vibrantly and successfully in software testing, where she finds many opportunities to apply her coaching skills to add value to other testers and project team members. She draws on her diverse career over nearly 30 years. Starting out in accounting and financial management she has touched upon several roles in IT, such as implementation consultant, business analyst and project manager. She is also a renowned trainer and facilitator, subscribing to the context-driven school of testing. Cindy has presented at CAST 2013, STPCon 2015 and co-organises LetsTest SA.

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