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One of the most important benefits from the agile context, in my viewpoint, is the focus on working as a squad. As a tester you sometimes need to do more than “simple” testing as a member of the squad.

I will speak of one of my recent assignments where I experienced this, joining a project which was in the opening stages of implementing an agile process. Not much was ready to be tested as the project was still mostly in the requirements gathering stage. Now seeing as we were working as part of a squad I had the opportunity to participate in this stage, “earning” my value as a squad-member so to speak.

I was able to provide an early testing activity by participating in the grooming of the user stories, with a testing point of view. This gave me both me a boost in me evolving as a tester and the project as the requirements and stories we’re of a higher standard and therefore more easily developed and delivered.

I will share my journey and the ups and down of it, hopefully encouraging other test colleagues who are in similar circumstances to step outside their normal test zone.

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    • martin_pihl


      Martin Pihl - Test Consultant , Konsultbolag1, Sweden

      Martin is one of those guys you meet and just feel “Man, this is fun talking to this guy, you know?”.

      He comes from the South of Sweden (Malmoe) where he currently lives with his beautiful wife and gorgeous baby boy in a nice little apartment. An apartment with too many cushions on the bed. And sofa.

      Fun Fact: If you forget he is from Malmoe, he will remind you. More than once.

      Martin studied System Engineering at Lunds University after which he started a traineeship in Test. He never looked back.

      In short, a good guy. You’d like him.

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