Accepting Ignorance – The Driving Force of a Good Tester

When I say ignorance, I mean the positive definition of identifying, and constantly striving to discover (and possibly know) what you don’t know.

Five years ago, a special journey started for me. After being in a variety of testing related roles for nearly a decade I attended my first ever webinar, by chance it was from EuroSTAR.
There came my Eureka! Moment. I suddenly realized how little I actually know and that I accepted too much as given as it was presented to me.
I will share with you my discoveries about the importance of ignorance and the benefits to use it effectively both for your testing and your personal improvement.

Together we will explore some common examples of everyday testing terms and discover where the frontier of ignorance might already exist for you as well. We will look at psychological phenomenon that influence the awareness of knowledge. And I will share a few handy tips how to utilize this ignorance.



  • Speaker


    Patrick Prill - Senior Test Consultant, QualityMinds, Germany

    Patrick has over 15 years of experience in software testing. After 10 years in a big project working in nearly every role from tester to test manager, he was team lead of a small testing team in a product and consulting company for the automotive industry.
    Since two years he is working as a test consultant for QualityMinds supporting different clients with his hands-on experience.
    Patrick is living outside of Munich, Germany. In his little spare time he is a hobby wood turner. Patrick tweets at @TestPappy and sometimes blogs at