Communicating Test Results: Testers in The Tower of Babel

Software projects bring together cross-disciplinary professionals with different backgrounds, knowledge, culture and individual objectives, creating a tower of Babel, where testers face many communication challenges. On daily basis, testers exchange information with developers, act as the bridge between the development team and business, and interact with external teams like operations and customer support.

As in the story of the tower of Babel, a software project can fail because people do not effectively communicate with each other. Miscommunication can result in either lack of information or even misleading information. Both situations can easily lead to wrong decision-making, affecting negatively the project.

In this presentation, I will share my tower of Babel story about how I bridged the communication gaps between various stakeholders and I succeeded to speak the same language with them. I will present and analyze key communication impediments that can jeopardize any project, such as the content and the timing of the provided information, as well as effective ways to overcome these barriers.

Starting from my own “je ne sais pas” situation, I will present the process of developing an effective communication reporting plan. All the milestones involved in this journey, the obstacles and alternatives employed to meet my objectives, such as stakeholders’ needs assessment and development of a customized reporting system, will be described.

In addition, I will elaborate on the importance of understanding the context of our stakeholders before providing them with information. This means understanding their needs, interest and objectives in order to align our reports and address their concerns and expectations.

In summary, this will be a presentation about the whats, whys and hows of a successful communication among project professionals.

  • Speaker

  • Javier Ruano Rodriguez - Software Quality Assurance Consultant / Managing Director, Innovative Testing Services B.V., Netherlands

    Javier Ruano Rodríguez is an experienced Software Test Consultant, and founder of Innovative Testing Services B.V. Innovative Testing Services B.V. is a company based in the Netherlands, with a vision to bring innovation to software quality assurance.

    He has provided outstanding software quality assurance services to high profile companies in Oil & Gas, and Telecommunications fields, as well as European Union agencies. His interests include test automation, improvement of processes and the influence of human factors in software testing.