How Our Differences Make All The Difference

It shouldn’t be news that diverse teams consistently outperform homogeneous teams – especially if the problems we are solving are tricky. In an industry of thinkers, we might do well to consider diversity of mind and fully embrace and support all of the wonderful and different thinkers we have. This talk with Sal Freudenberg is a rallying cry against homogenous, one-size-fits-all environments, processes and recruitment methods, which often exclude those very best equipped to help our products, teams and organisations flourish.

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    Sal Freudenberg - Chief Being Sal Officer, Cucumber Ltd, United Kingdom

    Dr. Sallyann Freudenberg is an agile consultant and trainer who assists companies in transitioning to more nimble, customer-centric and human(e) ways of working. She holds a PhD in the Psychology of Collaborative Software Development and since parenting an autistic son has developed an interest in neurodiversity. Through re-assessing her own traits and neurology, and considering the extra-ordinary people with whom she has worked over her 25+ years in tech, Sal is raising awareness of the benefits of having diversity in our organisations, and is helping the industry to begin to understand how to support and nurture every kind of brain.