Testing an MQTT API in the AWS IoT Universe

The Internet of Things has recently gained a lot of momentum. Building and thus testing an IoT platform implies facing new technologies, protocols, and tools. One such technology is MQTT – a lightweight protocol used to communicate to the devices on the IoT network. This suggests that in addition to nowadays common REST API, web services also have to expose an MQTT API to let all the devices share data. This obviously requires lots of testing.

As a tester on an actual IoT project that we’ve successfully rolled out from scratch, I’ll present the lessons learned and experience gained when testing such an IoT platform. In particular, our platform deals with over 10,000 concurrently operating devices spread all over the globe and connected to the cloud platform deployed in AWS.

I’ll talk about MQTT, its AWS IoT implementation specifics, compare it to REST, share the tips and tricks I learned throughout my journey, touch upon tools available for testing and automation. I’ll cover what the common testing challenges, risks, and pitfalls you may have to deal with when testing in the MQTT/IoT universe, and how I solved them for myself.

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    Elena Kolpakova - , AKQA GmbH, Germany

    Elena is a tester and a test coach with >10y of professional experience. Being a daughter of a software developer, you could say she took the path of a software tester as early as her childhood.

    Currently Elena applies her skills at AKQA GmbH in Berlin. This involves all kinds of testing activities, manual or automated, and helps her stay on track with the latest and pioneering technologies.
    In addition, she takes part in hiring testers and helps them develop and grow through coaching sessions, tech talks, and workshops.